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Herman is one of the last German made Type 2's, painted in a one year only colour - Mexico Beige. He was also ordered with loads of extra's, including Helsinki interior, heater, double glazed windows, clock & trip meter to name a few. We have owned him for about 8 years having bought him from his original owners.
We recently restored him back to his former self, and made a few changes along the way!
First to go was the spare wheel box on the front, we welded in a new section to the deformation panel and welded up the holes in the front panel. A couple of other areas needed welding but not many - the offside sill and the nearside seatbelt mount. The rear valance also needed replacing, along with the battery trays. His biggest change was to respray him in Mexico Beige lower half & Pastel White top.
Herman is currently part of a wedding fleet, serving primarily as a VW Photobooth available to hire for weddings, parties and events across the region.

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