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VW engines are air-cooled, we all know that, but the oil also cools the engine. Oil works very hard in your engine and needs replacing every 3,000 miles in a Type 1 engine. Servicing your VW is very important to keep you safe and on the road. Brakes need to be adjusted, ignition points / timing checked and adjusted. Even wiper spindle arms need to be lubricated. We can carry out all these jobs as you require.

We use a 2K paint system (from one manufacturer) throughout, this ensures we don't have compatability issues which causes reactions.
Whether it's simply painting a wing to a full re-spray, we have done it all, including body & paintwork on award winning vehicles. Paintwork is all about 
preparation, the better the prep, the better the finish!


From time to time your Volkswagen may have electrical problems.
These are usually straight forward, it may be a relay or a fuse thats blown. However, it could be worse; a wire could have rubbed through or been melted by a poor repair elsewhere.
We repair your electrical system using the correct grade wires, with the correct colour identifying markings so that we 
know that is it up to VW standards.



Your Volkswagen is probably around 40-50 years old now, and corrosion or accident damage is inevitable.
Welding in new panels is a job that needs to be carried out correctly, aligning new panels and either Spot-Welding / Mig-Welding or brazing are all jobs that we can do with ease.


We carry out MOT preparation to vehicles daily. We can take the stress out of the annual MOT test for you. We can identify the failure items and rectify before your Volkswagen takes the test.


We have recently invested in new tyre changing / wheel balancing equipment. We can now fix a puncture for you or replace your tyres completely.
Do you have wide 5 stud pattern wheels? Well, we can also balance these wheels (not every tyre shop has this adaptor).

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