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Meet Herman, our late Bay, he is a Westfalia Helsinki, built in 1979. He was painted in his original Mexico Beige paint, however this has faded over the years and he has some major corrosion issues. We have big plans for Herman throughout 2017 therefore he is going to be freshened up. Press the button below to follow his whole story and see his new paint job!


We all know that cars need painting to protect the steel, and it has the added bonus of giving your car an individual look.
A beetle wing needs to have more work than most panels, there are many stages involved in order to get a high quality finish. It needs priming, then an anti-chip coating applying to the underside, the final coats of paint are then sprayed on. Click the button below to see images at every part of the process.

split screen deluxe microbus

After having a collision with a stone wall, this Split Screen Microbus came in for repair. Press the button below to see more images and details of the full job.

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