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After a collision with a stone wall this Split Screen Microbus came in for repair. The insurance company gave us authorisation to carry out repairs, including fitting a new front panel.
However the lower inner panel had more corrosion issues than initially anticipated, forcing the owner to replace more panels. This included the cab floor, nearside inner/outer sill, floor sections and outrigger/jacking points.
After cutting away the corrosion, new panels from Autocraft Engineering were spot-welded, Mig-welded and brazed into place, just like the originals were. 
Before priming, the exterior trims were installed to enable holes to be drilled, then removed again. The panels were then sanded back to bare metal as required, etched and primed, sanded again and finally painted in the original colours. Lastly, the vehicle was built up using new genuine VW or OE parts as required.

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